Manson Construction

SMI 49 "B" Platform Salvage

Owner: McMoRan Oil and Gas
Location: South Marsh Island 49, LA
Project Duration: 12/2008

In December of 2008, the derrick barge Wotan mobilized to South Marsh Island 49 and salvaged the SMI 49 “B” platform from the sea floor which had been toppled by hurricane Ike. The platform’s deck was at a water depth of 105’, upside down, and had settled 10’ below the mud line. In order to break the mud suction, the deck was partially excavated using Manson’s custom Jet String System and Toyo Pumps. The deck lift weight was 485 tons which included over 200 tons of mud weight. Following the deck removal, the platform’s helideck, equipment, and piles were salvaged from the sea floor.